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Heating Element
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Elevate your space with LDL's premium glass prints. Our glossy finish provides vibrant details and turns every image into a stunning focal point that stands the test of time.

Add a heater to 48" and 72" sizes:
16" x 48" Heaters offer
500 Watts, 1705 BTU, and heat up to 110 sqft
24"x48" and 16"x72" Heaters offer
750 Watts, 2560 BTU, and heat up to 160 sqft
24"x72" Heaters offer:
1100 Watts, 3750 BTU, and heat up to 210 sqft

Installation & Dimensions


7.2"(W) x 9.6"(H) x 0.5"(D)
3 lbs
12"(W) x 18"(D) x 0.5(D)
6 lbs
16"(W) x 20"(D) x 0.5(D)
8 lbs
20"(W) x 24"(D) x 0.5(D)
10 lbs
16"(W) x 48"(D) x 0.5(D)
15 lbs
24"(W) x 48"(D) x 0.5(D)
20 lbs
16"(W) x 72"(D) x 0.5(D)
20 lbs
24"(W) x 72"(D) x 0.5(D)
30 lbs

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