Why is a radiant heater so great?

Choosing radiant heat for your home is a great decision, offering unmatched comfort and energy efficiency. Unlike traditional forced-air systems, radiant heat directly warms the objects and surfaces in a room, producing a steady and inviting warmth without the necessity of circulating air. This approach not only eliminates drafts and cold spots but also minimizes heat loss, making it a more energy-efficient heating solution. Additionally, with the ability to customize for zonal heating, radiant systems allow for individual temperature control in different rooms or specific areas, catering to your personal comfort and maximizing energy usage.

Set a new standard for
bathroom comfort.

Experience bathroom luxury with a heated towel rack and reach for the comfort of a warm towel, seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Our sophisticated heaters not only elevate your bathroom experience but add a touch of elegance to your décor. Convert your bathroom into a spa-like environment, where warmth meets style.

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Adds heat that without looking like a heater

  • Customize with any image!
  • High-quality tempered glass
  • Exclusive Luxury Design Living heating element
  • Extremely thin at just 2 inches deep
  • Available with Wi-Fi control
  • Easy to install - no hardwiring required
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