Heating Technology

Luxury Design Living wall-mounted glass panel heaters use gentle, energy-efficient, and highly effective radiant heat to cut down on power consumption. These heaters emit silent heat, so you won't even notice that they are putting out heat!About Radiant HeatingRadiant heating is the transfer of heat energy using energy waves. Heat energy in the form of radiation will always travel from a hotsurface to a cooler surface.Consider the Sun, the Earth’s only source of heat, which is 150 million Km away.The Sun warms the Earth from a fantastic distance purely using radiant energy.Even before the air is warm, heat from the sun can be felt, such on a clear winter morning, or on top of a snowy mountain.Warmth from the sun is instantaneous - you experience this when the sun emerges from behind a cloud.So perhaps it’s no surprise that radiant heating is the form of warmth most comfortable to humans,whether from the sun, a burning fireside or today’s energy efficient, discreet heating systems.