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Custom aluminum panel radiant heater

Custom aluminum panel radiant heater

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Our infrared panel heaters provide warm, soothing, and completely silent radiant heat.  Their ultra-slim, space-saving design mounts easily onto your wall or ceiling.  Plugs into any regular household outlet. No special wiring is required.  They can be painted to match any décor.  Completely maintenance-free. 

• Heats between 90-210 sq. ft.
• Ultra-energy efficient.
• Mounts easily to your wall or ceiling.
• Ultra-slim design doesn’t take up any floor space.
• Pre-wired and plugs into any standard household outlet. 
• Maintenance-free, no moving parts.
• Completely silent
• Can be painted to match any décor.
• Perfect for anyone with asthma or allergies
• Aluminum construction is lightweight and durable
• Made in the Netherlands
• One-year warranty


- 5/32" Tempered Glass

Installation & Dimensions

16"(W) x 20"(D) x 0.5(D)
8 lbs
20"(W) x 24"(D) x 0.5(D)
10 lbs
16"(W) x 48"(D) x 0.5(D)
15 lbs
24"(W) x 48"(D) x 0.5(D)
20 lbs
16"(W) x 72"(D) x 0.5(D)
20 lbs
24"(W) x 72"(D) x 0.5(D)
30 lbs

Heating Technology

Luxury Design Living offers wall-mounted glass panel heaters that use gentle, energy-efficient, and highly effective radiant heat, which reduces power consumption. These heaters emit silent heat, so you won't even notice that they are working!

Radiant heating is the most comfortable form of warmth, whether from the sun, a burning fireside, or today's energy-efficient and discreet heating systems. Like feeling the heat from the sun as soon as it appears on a crisp morning or on top of a snowy mountain.


Care Instructions

When cleaning, wipe with a soft damp cloth.

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